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The Infinix S4 launched with Android 9.0 out of the box. The Infinix S4 is also among the devices that have Treble Support and thus has the ability to be updated to higher versions using GSIs. AndroidHQ254Projects has pursued this avenue and brings you the first tested and working Android Pie 9.0 Custom ROM for your Infinix S4 alias Infinix X626. Havoc-OS is the first among many to be released later for the device and you can read on how to get started with it to get real and top-notch customizations on your device on top of improved performance.

What is Havoc OS?

Probably the most customizable ROM out here, the Havoc OS is a rom based on AOSP that is inspired by Google Pixel. It runs on the redefined material design 2 UI and I must say it is the best looking ROM out here. Having used many other GSI ROMs, the Havoc OS is by far my favorite of all time.

Havoc OS has no bloatware, making it smooth and fast with probably among the best battery performances I have encountered. With the addition of a dedicated gaming mode, I must say gaming on mobile has never been better.

Some of the features in the ROM include:


Rounded UI
Enhanced QS Battery Estimation
Seekbars for Media Notifications
QS Panel Inspired by OOS
Pixel Lockscreen weather
Substratum Support
Compiled using SDCLANG
OTA Support
Signature Spoofing
Micro-G support
Lockscreen charging animation
In-built Oneplus Camera & Gallery(Oneplus Device only)

Status Bar:

Double tap to sleep
Statusbar brightness slide
Quick & Smart pulldown
Clock Settings
Date Settings
Battery Customization
Battery Bar
Network Traffic Indicator
Carrier Label Customization
Status Bar Icons Toggle
Notifications Count
Bluetooth Battery Status
VoLTE Icon Toggle
Old Mobile Type Icon style
4G/LTE icon switch
Data Disable Icon Toggle
Breathing Notifications

Quick Settings:

Layout customization
Brightness Slider Customization
  Brightness Slider On Bottom
  Auto Brightness Icon
  Auto Brightness Icon on Right
  Brightness Control Buttons
QS Elements Customization
  Tile Tittle
  Vibrate On Touch
  Information Header
QS Footer Customization
  VPN Warning
  Settings Icon
  Running Services Icon
  Edit Icon
  User Switcher Icon


  UI Style (Pixel/AOSP)
  Background Color (Automatic/Light/Dark/Shady/Glassy)
  Accent Color
  Font Manager
  App Icon Shape (Default/Square/Rounded Square/Squircle/Circle/Teardrop/Hexagon)
QS Themes
  QS Color based on Wallpaper
  QS Color based on Accent
  Custom QS Panel color 
  QS Panel Opacity
  QS Header Style (Black/Grey/Light Grey/Accent Based/Transparent)
  Custom QS Header Image
  QS Tile Style (Wavey/Cookie/Teardrop and 15+ More)
Settings Customisation
  Switch Appearance (OnePlus/Material Design 2)
  Dashboard Icons (Round/Oreo/Round Accented/Round OnePlus Style/Oreo Style Accented)
  Dashboard Conditions
  Dashboard Suggestions

Ambient Display:

Ambient Options
  Always On
  Always On When Charging
  Wakeup On New Notifications
  Sensor Based Screen Wakeup (Tilt/Hand Wave/Pocket)
Battery Level at Botton while Dozing
Music Ticker


Smart Pixel
Screen Stabilization
Corner Customisation
  Rounded Corner Radius
  Corner Content Padding
  Satus Bar Padding


Volume Rockers
  Volume Panel On Left
  Volume Dialog Timeout
  Volume Steps
  Keyboard Cursor Control
  Swap Keys
  Control Ring Volume
  Control Music Volume
  Volume Rocker Wakeup
  Volume keys Answer Call
Power Button
  Power Menu Customization
  End Call
  Screen off power button torch
Hardware keys
  Disable Keys
  Swap Keys
  Backlight Brightness
  Backlight Timeout
  Backlight On Touch
  Accidental Touch Protection
Back/Home/Overview Button Customisation
  Single Tap Action
  Long Press Action
  Double Tap Action
  Home Button Use While Ringing Toggle
Navigation bar:

Navigation Mode (Fling/SmartBar/Default)
Stock Navigation Bar Customisation
  Pixel Animation
  One-Handed Mode
  Layout Customisation
Smart Bar Customisation
Fling Customisation
Pulse Customisation
Height Customisation (Potrait/Landscape)


System Gestures
  Jump to Camera
  Long Press to Activate Torch
  Swipe Up on Home Button
  Full Gesture Mode
  Double Tap on NavBar to Sleep
  Prevent Ringing
Swipe to Screenshot
Swipe Gestures
OnePlus Gestures
Edge Gestures
Pie Control

Double Tap to Sleep
Media Cover Art
Media Cover Art Filter (Blur/Greyscale/Accent tinted/Greyscale and Blurred)
Music Visualiser
Clock Widget Customisation
Info Widget Customisation
Weather Temperature Unit (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
  FP Authentication Vibration
  Force FP Authentication
  LS Dismissal On Face Unlock
  Pocket Detection
  Allow FP in Pocket
Elements Customisation
  Quick Settings
  Satus Bar
  Multiuser Switch
  Status Text
  Charging Info
  Left/Right Shortcuts
  Lock Icon
  Mid-Screen Shortcuts
  Bottom Shortucts
  Pin Ripple
  Scramble Layout
  Quick Unlock
  Auto Lock
  Power Button Instantly Locks
  Direct Unlock
  Lockscreen Message


Recents style (Quickstep/Oreo/Grid/Android Go/Slim)
Oreo Recents Customization
  Clear All Button
  Clear All Button Location
  Button Style
  Memory Bar
  Custom Styles
  Icon Pack
  Apps Blacklist
  Immersive Mode (Full Screen/Status Bar/Navigation Bar -- Clock/Date)
Slim Recents Customisation


Lights Customization
  Charging Light
  Notification Light
  Blink Flashlight on Call
Status Bar
  Heads Up Customisation
  Ticker Customisation
Disable/Enable FC Notifications
Immersive Mode Messages
Toast Icon
Force Expanded Notifications
Kill App Button
Noisy Notifications
In-Call Vibration
  On Connect
  On Disconnect
  On Call Waiting
  For Notifications


Disable animation
Animation Duration
Animation customization
List view animation
QS tile animation
Power menu animation
Screen off animation
Toast animation


Signature Spoofing
CPU info
Privacy Guard
Burn-in protection

Input Method:

Selector notification
Auto keyboard rotation
Auto-Rotate Timeout
Disable Full Screen Keyboard
Show enter key

Battery Saving:

Sensor block per-package
Alarm Blocker
Wakelock Blocker
Suspended Actions
Doze settings
Aggresive Battery
  Aggresive Idle
  Aggresive Standby
  Auto-enable on Battery saver mode
View CPU Frequency Stats


MediaScanner behaviour on boot
Scrolling Cache
USB Configuration
Wake Up on Charge
Launch Music App
Screen Capture
  Screenrecord Shortcut
  Screenrecord Quality
  Screenshot Shortcut
  Screenshot Type (Full/Partial)

Other Features:

On-the-go mode 
Prevent Accidental wake-up
Seperate ringtone for SIM1&2
Battery Charge Warning
Smart Charge
Advanced Battery Info

QS Tile Shortcuts:

  Heads Up tile
  Caffeine tile
  Ring mode tile
  CPU info tile
  Suspended action tile
  Smart pixel tile
  Ambient display tile
  AOD tile
  Screenrecord tile
  Stabilization tile
  Gaming Mode tile
  Screenshot tile
  Accidental touch tile
  Alarm/Calc/Phone/Camera/Music tiles
  Expanded Desktop tile
  Havoc settings tile
  HW key tile
  LTE tile
  Navbar tile
  On the go tile
  Pie control tile
  Reboot tile
  Sleep screen tile
  Accent picker tile
  Volume panel tile
  High Brightness tile
  Sound Search
  One Handed Mode Tile
  Compass Tile
  App Picker Tile

Device Extras:

Alert Slider Customisation



To download click here: Download
Password File Link: Download Password File

7z is most recommended to extract the files

To install:

1. Backup your important data before anything else.
2. Boot into recovery and perform a "Factory Reset" - NB: Will wipe internal storage
For those who have TWRP already, just head to advanced wipe and tick Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data, and System then swipe to wipe. This can avoid you wiping your internal storage.
3. Reboot your Infinix S4 into fastboot/bootloader.
4. Extract the ROM files.
5. Open a Command Window in the directory containing the ROM files (The directory already has the necessary platform tools). 
6. Copy and Paste the command below on the command window and hit Enter Key (Copy all of it as it is one command). 
fastboot erase boot && fastboot flash boot && fastboot erase system && fastboot flash system && fastboot erase vendor && fastboot flash vendor && fastboot erase recovery && fastboot flash recovery && fastboot reboot

7. Wait for your device to boot and Enjoy!

Once the device has booted, please remember to set GoogleDialer and Messages as your default apps in settings to avoid a hidden CallUI. Also make sure you set up Magisk so as to have root working properly (You can flash Magisk v19.3 in TWRP to achieve the same and is the recommended method)


Anushek Prasal - Skulshady @xda
Vincent Vidal - vince31fr @xda


  1. I have infinix s4, with twrp 3.3.1-0, it says no is installed, can I flash this ROM using the method above?

    1. Yes you can. The error means you wiped the system partition

  2. I really like everything about the rom, is there a way i can change the camera app some features like potrait and wide shots are not available

    1. The stock camera has not yet been ported to work with custom roms. That may take some time

  3. Hope all is well.

    I got Infinix hot 8 4/64 GB, same chipset and I have the backup of the recovery and boot of the last os update v217 is it possible to Port twrp for it? Also can I use this rom without twrp? And if yes, if I want to relock bootloader again later it can be locked like with what command? I used fastboot flash unlock, it can be the same but fastboot flash lock? Because I tired fastboot oem it didn't work.
    Also here is last boot and recovery. For Infinix hot 8 x650c.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. 1. Is it possible to Port twrp for it? Yes but you need to find a person with that device who can work on it. Also, mine is not ported but rather compiled from source.

    2. Also can I use this rom without twrp? This rom is meant for the device specified in the post. And yes, guys with the S4 just need an unlocked bootloader to be able to flash it.

    3. if I want to relock bootloader again later it can be locked like with what command? The bootloader can always be locked and unlocked any time you want. Flashing the stock rom will help you lock the bootloader.

    4. I used fastboot flash unlock, it can be the same but fastboot flash lock? That should work ok or refer to the response in the previous question.


    1. Thanks a lot for your answer. I'm sorry of I bothered you. Hope all is well. And thank you again for your awesome work.

  5. Hi, would love to know if this custom os recieve updates from time to time, more like security updates to and fixes with added other features.
    And also if this os will provide android 10?

  6. i use the infinix s4 6gb series how do i get this on my device please

  7. Here are few of my doubts before trying it out: 1. in the post title, you mentioned the supported model "x626" but on XDA, you've mentioned x626B as well. But strangely, on the android file host, you placed this file under "x620" model which belongs to infinix06. Now, where's the error and what information is correct? i want to use it on my x626B. Can I? 2. Call volume isn't adjustable, so it remains at the most high level? or at most lower? and if its lower, then is there no workaround to change it to full? 3. Does the TWRP is necessary? or I can try without it? As I still waiting for download permission from u for TWRP for this model.

    1. Check the file name and not in which folder it is stored. The linked files are correct as posted so do not have doubts when downloading. About the call volume, that is a known bug in mediatek chipsets and has not been fixed yet

  8. yes, i can confirm that it is working on x626B! I flashed it and got no error anywhere. Thanks a tun for this great porting, and looking for it's update to V3.0, as the havoc team have updated the OS originally.

    1. Very happy to know that it worked for you. Unfortunately I no longer have the device so bringing it up to v3.0 is not possible as at now

    2. Hello please respond to my comment I need help. is there a way to flash stock rom. when ever I shut down my phone and connnect to pc. it turns on itself into twrp recovery so no Sp flash tool there.

  9. How to fix wide shot and portrait on camera

  10. Hiiii bro i need havoc os v3 for infinix s4 plssssssssssss

  11. My infinix s4 /data partition was emmc and twrp internal storage was showing 0mb. So I change the partiton to ext4 and the data from 0mb turned to 52783mb menaing it was showing internal hard data.

    But can now I install this Custom rom. Please I seriously need Help. My deivce has no stock rom install as the partition changing wiped it. I only have twrp install it boot everytime into twrp.

  12. pls.sir..i need the password..the password link is not working


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