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The Infinix Note 3 has been with us for a month now since it was first launched in Kenya. The device is very premium with very good specifications. Check this link ( if you missed the Note 3 specs.

In this post, I will be giving a tool that will help in rooting the Note 3 for those who love tweaking their devices more to have their favourite customizations. Remember you follow this process at your own risk and am not responsible for any damage that may arise on your device in case of mistakes

I present to you Carliv Touch Recovery aka CTR custom recovery for Infinix X601 running on Android Marshmallow ported by me - credits to xda's bluefirebird for original recovery. This is a custom recovery just like Philz, CWM, TWRP that gives you more recovery options than the stock recovery that comes with your phone for instance flashing custom roms.

Some of the features of CTR v6.6 as outlined by bluefirebird include:-
- EXT4 and F2FS support (for f2fs use the BoardConfig flag).
- All CWM functionalities are up and working (adb, sideload, backup, restore, install, mass storage...). There is no MTP and if your phone doesn't have an external sdcard you can't connect it to PC while is in recovery mode. But there is usb-otg support, of course if your phone was shipped with that.
- Added new menu for backup and restore advanced, to use it for backing or restoring only a specific partition and I also multizip flashing function.
- in Carliv menu there is now a new section for flashing boot and recovery images.You can browse your storage locations for any image and after choosing it, you will have to select on which partition it should be flashed. Added multiple confirmations check to avoid flashing on wrong partition. This feature works only with boot and recovery images.
- For MTK phones (if the flag is used in Boardconfig) there is a new menu to backup and restore some important partitions like uboot, nvram and secro because they are involved in restoring a lost IMEI, and also the logo partition which may often get broken by bad ported ROMs.
- Besides these all the old specific menus (aroma, rainbow...) are still in place.
- Added support for decrypting and mounting data partition using the builtin minivold from Cyanogenmod with vdc commands (the idea came from this post of Lekensteyn). Tested and working well with text are hex passwords, and maybe will work with pin too but I don't think it will work with pattern.
- Added support for decrypting and mounting adopted storage in marshmallow. The solution is based on this article of nelenkov.

Click HERE to view screenshots


-A PC with Mediatek Vcom Drivers properly intalled
- SP Flash Tool
- A working USB cable
- Infinix X601 (Switched OFF)
- A brain

Now to the procedure

1. Download the Recovery zip from the link provided in the download section
2. Extract the zip into a new folder
Both the scatter and the recovery image should be in the same folder

3. Start SP Flash Tool and load the scatter from the folder where you extracted the zip

4. After loading the scatter, click on Download option on the flash tool without making any other changes
At this stage, make sure your Note 3 is already switched off

5. Connect the switched off phone to the PC with the usb cable for the flashing process to start
If you met the prerequisites, you should see a red progress bar, followed by a yellow one and finally a tick appears to show that the recovery has been flashed successfully

6. Unplug the cable from the phone

7. Now Press Volume Up + Power key to boot into recovery to confirm that the recovery has been flashed successfully

Congrats, You now have a working custom recovery for your Infinix X601


1. Download the supersu zip provided in the download section and place it in the root of your external sdcard

2. Reboot your X601 into CTR recovery

3. Go to >> Install Zip >> Choose zip from Sdcard >> and confirm to flash it

4. Reboot after the flashing process is complete

DO NOT interfere with the device in any way when it is rebooting even if you find like it's bootlooping - This is because the boot image is patched for rooting to be successful

The device will then boot normally and you will find SuperSU in your apps

You can download your favourite root checker app to confirm


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